I grew up on the upper west side of New York City. It was an interesting time. I attended Ascension school on 108th street while living with my grandparents. I received my first computer at this time a commodore 64. It used tape recorder to load data and programs! I wrote some BASIC programs at that time. My favorite was a “Tron” light cycle like game that required a ton of Read/Data, Peek/Poke, and alphanumeric arrays. 

I then went to High School on the lower east side. I attended college in Binghamton, New York and received a degree in Laboratory Technology. I learned more about networking and computers during my studies, in college. I started building computers as hobby shortly after college and still build them to this day. In fact, I build my own web servers!

I first learned about ESP and psychic abilities from my late paternal grandfather. We would play "guessing games" when I was a child. He was surprised when I would guess the answers that he was thinking of in his mind. I also played ESP games with my chess park friend Marcello, as an adolescent. He owned a deck of Zener cards and we would practice with them all night long.

I currently work on my website, forum, and blog at FreePsychicNetwork.com.  I enjoy the technical and spiritual aspects of it immensely.  I founded this site several years ago in the hopes of enriching the lives of those seeking to better their lives, but lacked the spiritual insight to do so on their own.

I often feel a strong connection to the Akashic record, and find profound insight where others draw a blank. Mainly because of my progressive approach to channeling that analyzes all the cosmic data including the forces generated by retro causality.  As all volumes of time are present in the zero point plane simultaneously, I find the deepest insight often comes from looking at all factors influencing our current situation including future events.

Often the futures profound affect on our current situation remains unseen or unexplored by most psychics.  I feel that not only does this lead to erroneous readings, but also shows a type of spiritual tunnel vision because it fails to realize the full non-linear potential of all possible past, present, and future energies stored in the cosmic database of the fourth dimension.