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Susan Speaks With Spirit

Susan Speaks With Spirit

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Spirit speaks to us every day, but you may not hear them. To make things harder, we are all gifted with free will but given confusing guidance on the way to bring us to peace and joy. I am here to tell you that you have the power to change confusion and darkness into focus and light. I am here to relate spirit’s guidance and information to you so that you can make great choices in your pursuit of life, love and your happiness when things get confusing.

I am a natural born medium. As a medium, I look at the energies spirit shows me at a level on which you might be unaware. Those energies can tell me about you, the people around you and what is in their hearts. These energies also tell me about situations from your past, present and future. I communicate with the spirits around you that come to work with me and look down the karmic path you’re walking. Be comforted that there is no judgment and no guilt at what spirit shows me. I am very grass roots in my spirituality in that I believe you embrace that which works and makes sense for you. It’s all good!

As we begin our session I tune in to your energies and chat with you a moment or two. As we do this, I look to see if there are holes in your aura and I send healing energy. Very often the spirits that will work with me to gain information for you are already with me when you contact me and sometimes ask that I relay messages from them first. Sometimes they address issues that aren’t in the forefront of your mind, but very often they begin by addressing what’s on your mind. This sounds like a long process, but it really isn’t. It only takes a few moments.

Please note that sometimes those spirits are guides you may not recognize and sometimes they are family members that have transitioned. If you do not wish me to identify family members please tell me in advance. I would also ask that you understand that sometimes family members you’re looking to speak with may not enter into conversation when asked. You also need to keep in mind that the troubles and the karma that was in play during life are not in play when spirit has transitioned so again, there is no ill will.

I request that you only ask me one or two questions at a time. Once those have been addressed we will move on to other questions. Spirit answers things in their own way and their own time. I want to be sure that you, spirit and I are on the same page when addressing something so I will ask you for confirmation. I would also ask that you understand that although spirit might be selective in responding to questions about a third party, I will always tell you what they do share with me even if I know it’s not what you were hoping to hear.

I wish you many blessings to you and yours. Spirit and I are here for you.

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Numerology is the practice of the significance of numbers that dates back thousands of years. None other than the philosopher Pythagoras is considered to be the father of numerology. Pythagoras believed the entire universe could be explained and expressed by numbers. Although he did not invent numerology, it is a practice that is based in his theories. Numerology is less a form of divination than it is a practice that offers insights from a person’s name...
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Thoughts on Karma and Destiny When clients come to me for a psychic reading, I find a trend in that there appears to be the idea that destiny rules their lives, love and direction. Destiny is that absolute energy that is or is not. Destiny dictates there is some sort of divine predestination and outcome in and to all of our lives. Granted, we cannot avoid birth, death and taxes, but within that divine energy we carry the burden of choice...
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Grounding and Balancing the Chakras Chakras are basically energy centers in our bodies, which receive and regulate Universal Energy. Although there is much debate on how many chakras we have, for our purposes we are concerned with the seven major chakras and their corresponding colors:Root Charka - RedSacral Chakra - OrangeSolar Plexus Chakra - YellowHeart Chakra - GreenThroat Chakra - BlueThird Eye Chakra - IndigoCrown Chakra - OrangeTo put it as simply as possible, if the chakras are balanced, energy flows...
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