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Posted by on in Our Editorials
The Power of Prediction Would you predict the future if you could? Most would say yes to this question, however, popular movies like “Paycheck” outline the possible perils of knowing the future on a global scale quite clearly. But, what if by analyzing the past behavioral patterns of the 7,075,852,677 people on the planet earth you knew with 95% confidence what people wanted, when they would want it, where they would want it, and how they would want it? Imagine the power, influence, and wealth you would have knowing what amounts of commodity “x” people would want or need at any given time. This idea may seem to most, at first glance, a pure exercise in speculation. Some may even view it as a “tin foil hat” conspiracy theory, however, unfortunately for us all it is the truth based on empirical evidence, current events, and the reality of electronic eavesdropping....

Posted by on in Our Editorials
Many people take our psychical existence and psychic nature for granted. Others deny their psychical nature and embrace the mundane secular lifestyle. Why is this dichotomy between schools of thought so dramatic? Maybe relegating psychic readings, psychics, and Astrologers to the fringes of society, sci-fi movies, and pop tabloids is the answer. After all, psychics prey on the uneducated and undereducated populations of the world. However, maybe deciding ones individual beliefs does not require group consciousness, and popular support. Therefore, why in our pop culture lifestyles where we are force-fed mainstream reality from an ever-earlier age do we not embrace the intangible? Instead, we choose to become mindless followers blind to anything but the norm. Even worse than that, our lack of vision and novel thoughts subjugates us to this reality. This mindset allows us to become programmable automatons susceptible to cradle to the grave marketing strategies while ensuring a future...

Posted by on in Our Editorials
The recent psychic attacks, scare tactics, and propaganda that the financial media agencies have employed are reprehensible. These tactics meant to cause anxiety, fear, and panic amongst the populous are a crime against journalism. The effects of this type of psychical propaganda include damage to your bank accounts, investments, and retirement plans. Why in this time of uncertainty and duress, which many Americans are experiencing currently, would our trusted news agencies engage in these deplorable tactics biased by corporate, personal, and political beliefs? After all this type of subjective “journalism” is not really journalism at all as journalism like science seeks objectivity. So why do these news corporations use these tactics? The answer is straightforward. They use these tactics to create fear in the hearts of the average Joe and Jane investor so that their corporate friends can make a fortune. Moreover, they abuse and pervert their rights granted under the...