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Many that follow Astronomy and Astrology know the significance of a transit. On June 5, 2012 a major once in a lifetime Astronomical and Astrological event will occur. The Earth and the planet Venus will align in such a way that Venus’s transit across the Sun will be directly visible from Earth! This event is so rare that we will never again witness it, in our lifetimes. The current transit of Venus will last for several hours but unfortunately, most of the United States will miss it. However, in my endless search for knowledge I am pleased that I found online resources that will webcast this amazing event globally.

First, however, let us look into the Astrological significance of the planet Venus’s transit across the Sun. Taking a look at nomenclature first we see a fundamental difference in the naming of the Astronomical transit of Venus, in Astrology. Astrologically this transit falls into the general category of a conjunction. Not a very uncommon occurrence from an Astrological standpoint or is it? Looking deeper into the numbers, we see that this is not an ordinary conjunction but in fact, a much rarer animal called an exact conjunction, in Astrology. In Astrology, an exact conjunction occurs when two celestial bodies are in the same degree. During this Astrological event on June 5, 2012, we will see the Sun Venus exact conjunction at Sun Venus 0º! As the Sun will be located at Sun: 15° 28' in Gemini and Venus will be at Venus: 15° 57' in Gemini! As a direct result of this, the Sun will greatly enhance the effects and attributes of the planet Venus for us on Earth.

The attributes of the planet Venus greatly influence our social interactions, love, desire for beauty, and romantic inclinations. The enhancement of these attributes by this exact conjunction will affect the lives of billions globally. Therefore, I am providing a short forecast of what to expect during this period. Here is a short general horoscope for the exact conjunction of the planet Venus and the Sun. From my chart analysis, it generally looks something like this:

Your magnetic charisma attracts people into your inner circle. You experience a sense of overall well-being and feel most comfortable giving to meet the needs of others. You experience a strong desire to fit in and think the world of how others perceive you. Your sheer optimism and cheerful demeanor make you very popular in your social circles.

You experience a strong desire for true love in your romantic relationships. If you do not find it, you do not hesitate to move on and look elsewhere. Some perceive you as a bit of a “player” because of this behavior.

Although you enjoy the physical aspects of a relationship immensely, you do not feel complete without an intellectual component. Friendship also plays a large role in your love life during this period. You feel a need to connect on all levels with your mate. If they seem aloof or unavailable you may just start looking for the nearest exit.

You also enjoy shopping for new clothes, jewelry, and cosmetic items during this period. You seem intent on transforming yourself into the Goddess “Aphrodite” herself. Be careful not to let the allure of increasing your physical beauty diminish your ability to focus on spiritual matters that require your attention.

Now here is a list of online resources about the transit of Venus 2012 and the web site providing the global webcast of the 2012 Venus Transit:

Global webcast on June 5, 2012 21:30 UTC -

Expert Article on the Transit of Venus -


Once in a Lifetime Venus Transit

by Psychic Andi

The transit, or occultation, of Venus across the face of the sun is considered to be one of the rarest of planetary alignments! Occurring around every 120 years, this event usually takes place in pairs which are 8 years apart. While the last time this transit occurred was in 2004, don't expect to see another in your lifetime as the next time it will come about will be 2117!

There are also only two times of the year this transit happens as well; either within the sign of Gemini or in Sagittarius. Astrologically, Venus represents our relationships and sociability with others and the sun is our life force and what makes us who we are. Venus will also be in her retrograde phase at this time, giving us a reassessment of our wants and needs. Gemini rules intellect, thought, and all things to do with communication. And we all know communication is a major factor in our relationships!

Change and freedom are extremely important to Gemini. The energies at this time will be favorable at creating more harmony and inspiration within our lives independently, as well as what we bring into our relationships and within society. Restrictions that normally would hold us back will be broken down to express acceptance. Revelations to have a more authentic and sustainable way of life will become more prevalent. Coming together and sharing within a collective consciousness will bring about a shift in awareness, allowing us to share ideals. The duality that occurs between the sun and Venus correlates to yin and yang, female and male, life and rebirth. This is a time that will bring about a new chapter within life while making sure that any unfinished business is taken care of!

Like attracts like, and our innermost thoughts are able to manifest our reality. It would not be surprising at this occurrence for people to come into our lives that we need most. The potential to experience bliss is realized when control makes way for passion and purpose that will transform any boundaries that have been placed upon us! Allowing ourselves to undergo a deeper sense of devotion to our needs and the needs of others will bring about a responsibility to create a better existence for all. This is the time to realize that our greatest hopes and dreams are possible!

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