Chatting With Angels

Talking to angels, well that is one thing; but chatting with them is better yet.
 Angels are known to bring comfort, peace, wisdom and even provide physical safety for us – powerful allies for sure.

 Talking to angels … well, it is a bit like falling off a log. You just … talk. You can be assured that every time that you ask for an angelic ear to listen – you have one. Just remember that these beautiful, ethereal companions earn their “heavenly messenger” label honestly, none more so than archangels.

 Standing at the ready, Archangels deliver heavenly messages to us, protect us and guide us as we navigate our way through life. There is never a worry too insignificant or heartache too small – your problems are never a bother!
 The four Archangels mentioned in the Old Testament are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. While all are powerful beings, each is charged with a specialty. This specific focus is actually the first part of their angelic name with the common ending, or el, meaning “In God”.

Michael is said to be the first angel God created and certainly one of the most well known for his protective prowess. Brandishing a flaming sword, Michael goes to battle for us when we are plagued by negative energies, are feeling helpless and lacking either the courage or the energy to help ourselves. Michael holds us behind his shield and guards us. He is also the angel we call upon when we are plagued by nightmares. Ask Michael to stand by your bedside.

 While Michael is the special protector of law enforcement workers and soldiers, on the practical side, whether your computer is on the glitch or your car will not start – Michael seems to have an affinity for fixing mechanical and electrical devices.
 Often when we see flashes of purple or brilliant blue light, we know that Michael is with us – his flaming sword at work. Never hesitate to call out his name in times of panic or danger.

 Raphael, or "rapha" in Hebrew, means healer. Whether humans, animals, relationships, broken –hearts, -spirits, or –minds, Raphael is the “go-to-guy” to bring balance, peace and wisdom to the situation. He is a never-failing balm for every imaginable wound.

 While Michael’s posture is regal and powerful, Raphael is often the angel artists render as friendly and warm – talking with humans and more or less hanging out. Do not let that fool you. Raphael is a supremely powerful intercessor when it comes to finding our path. He ensures safe travel – even on our spiritual journeys – and stands by doctors, nurses and therapists as they perform their work.

 Call upon Raphael when you are in need of healing – in any respect. Imagine his beautiful emerald green light surrounding you and threading through you. Perhaps most of all, Raphael is the archangel who brings us happy meetings – whether in our businesses or personal lives. Ask Raphael to be with you whenever you make a difficult phone call, go on that blind date or face a tough talk with your boss.

 Gabriel, or God is my strength, is one of the best-known archangels – bringing the message to Mary that she would bear a Son. It is no surprise that Gabriel is a favorite of those hoping to conceive and those working through the process of adopting a child. Gabriel is a lover of the arts – and is interestingly the only archangel portrayed as a female. She is the champion of artists and journalists. Do not forget for a moment that this angel is Strength’s namesake. She eradicates negative or impure energies; spaces that need clearing or cleansing. She will help when we need to detoxify our bodies – literally or figuratively, when we are facing addictions of any sort. If we are searching for our Path, Gabriel will take us there.

 She is a little pushy. Gabriel’s favorite way to work seems to shove us firmly in a certain direction. When we ask for her assistance, we will often find that we are suddenly making choices and putting ourselves in positions that, when we look back, we will see led to only good results. Although we may have that out-on-a-limb-feeling, be assured that we have her angelic protection.

 Uriel is best known for warning Noah of the flood. The intellectual of the group, Uriel is best consulted when our concerns deal with thoughts and ideas. You may not even know that Uriel has heard your call – until that great idea suddenly pops into your head as if out of nowhere. Uriel helps to keep us safe in all weather conditions – and helps us to deal with the aftermath of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and the like. When you are studying and just cannot “get it” – Uriel can be the best study-buddy ever.

 Although we have seen that they are in some ways so very different, we should remember that the Archangels are there for us – always. We need only listen for their answers – which may come in a sense of understanding, in a word spoken in our mind, in a scent, a touch or something overheard on the bus. Sometimes, unbelievably, we even find a feather. Do not hesitate a moment longer to chat with you angels -- they are just waiting for your call.

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