Five Quick, Easy and Effective Ways to Change Your Energy

While most would agree there is little that brings balance to one’s life more effectively than time spent in meditation and prayer … the sad truth is: We don’t always have that time.

Now you do! Here are five quick, easy and super-effective techniques that you can use singularly or in combination – even spreading them throughout your day, if you’d like Each tip is designed to cleanse your mind and spirit and bring you that longed-for sense of balance!

Wash away yesterday each morning when you shower! Just before you are ready to step out, give yourself an extra 30-seconds with the water streaming over you. Close your eyes and imagine the warm water washing from you all of the worries, conflicts, upsets and fears “stuck” to you. Feel them slide from your body, your mind and your spirit. Remind yourself that today is a new day and promise to begin it free from the stresses of the day before and be committed to giving it your all.
Finally, take a deep breath and imagine drawing in a sparkling, white light. Allow it to fill you and know that your glass is full again – and you really are ready for anything the day brings!

Seeing clearly in today’s cloudy world can be more of a challenge than ever before. Every day we are bombarded with both images and situations that make our heads spin. Who are we? Where do we stand? What’s really happening? Sometimes it feels as if we meet ourselves coming back through a revolving door!

The simple technique of cleaning your glasses or contacts while focusing (!) on your upcoming day can help center you and, believe it or not, will remind you as each situation arrives to think before you speak – take a moment and have confidence that you are seeing clearly.

The invisible power of the wind has long been revered – once enabling explorers to discover new lands; now creating electricity for our homes. We have all been blessed by the gentle breezes of early spring and witnessed the devastation a tornado can bring. Unseen yet powerful.

Outside, or inside and facing a window, cup your hands. Imagine one of your desires coming to rest within the well your palms form. Treasure it. Feel its beauty and its goodness. See it as yours. Blow! Blow your wish into the wind and trust that it will be carried by powerful and unseen forces to the hearts of those who can make it happen; into a Universe filled with other like-thoughts.

Be they dreams or worries – let the wind carry them!
Walking barefoot for children is as natural as breathing. Shoes are the first thing to come off when little ones is left to their own devices. The feel of the earth beneath their feet – well, it just feels right.

A super-simple technique for reducing anxiety, anger, frustration, fear and regaining balance is to do like the little ones: Go outside to as quiet a spot as you can find. Whether in the grass or the dirt, stand barefoot. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the world. Your world. Remember that you are a part of the earth beneath your feet. Its power is your power.
Amazingly, just a minute or two can be enough to help you feel appreciably better!
(Sea) salt isn’t just for your fries anymore! Among its many benefits, salt is known to draw negative energy, leaving the space around it clear. Although we’ll be writing later at length about the healing powers of salts (yes, even the simple store-bought kind!), this tip is almost a no-brainer!

Fill a small saucer or bowl with a few tablespoons of sea salt (Good old Morton’s Sea Salt is fine!) Keep it by your bed if you are having restless nights; set it discretely (or not so discretely!) in your office to keep down those complaints and watch how your space soon becomes the place-to-be to feel less stressed. Even a small soap dish tucked into the corner of the shower will help you feel more refreshed after your morning routine, and a candle nesting in a little salt mound will ease and calm.
Share these tips with your friends and compare results. Here’s to a week of great energy!

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