Thoughts on Karma and Destiny

When clients come to me for a psychic reading, I find a trend in that there appears to be the idea that destiny rules their lives, love and direction. Destiny is that absolute energy that is or is not. Destiny dictates there is some sort of divine predestination and outcome in and to all of our lives. Granted, we cannot avoid birth, death and taxes, but within that divine energy we carry the burden of choice and the gift of free will.

While I believe that there are events in all of our lives that will happen no matter what we do or where we go; I also believe there is no predestined outcome to any of these events. Why? Because of a little thing called karma. Now the western view of karma is “what goes around comes around”. That’s not quite accurate or the full meaning. There are dedicated individuals who study a lifetime to understand karma so there is no way to explain it fully, in this blog. Succinctly, karma is the cause and effect cycle. That which you do, decide and act upon in one life can affect what comes to you in the next. The ultimate purpose of this cause and effect cycle is to lead us closer to the divine.

I see karmic lines and events around people that have led them to and sometimes make them feel trapped within a cycle. They love a person, but that person doesn’t love them back. They feel a connection and that connection is not imagined. However, it may not be felt by the other person because the other person’s karma brings them to another choice. That person may choose not to address that piece of outstanding karma at that time. Even learning someone’s choices that lead them away from the clients’ affection is a piece of karma in that it can teach you that another person's choices have nothing to do with being loved, or anything to do with you at all.

I often tell clients who have come for a psychic reading, particularly on love and relationship to imagine if there were such a thing as destiny and that energy paired you with someone who could not hold a job or was completely unwilling to remain faithful or the ultimate horror, someone unable to love us the way we hoped to be loved. If there were true destiny then there would be no way to make the choice to leave this opportunity behind.

So what is the purpose behind all the emotion and pain? Because we can understand something on an intellectual level, but until we understand it on an emotional level we never really understand. It is the nature of soul, the soul’s progression and the soul’s part in leading us closer to the divine.

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