Are we all connected on a deeper level? Does some commonality connect all of humanity? According to the latest theories, in quantum physics, this would seem to be the case. Theories regarding the Big Bang, quantum entanglement, and the conservation of energy all lend themselves to a deeper interconnectivity between the subatomic particles that compose matter. As all human beings are made up of matter it stands to reason that on some level we are all connected.

According to the Big Bang theory, all matter, in the known universe, originated from a single source. This source is according to the Big Bang theory a quantum singularity often referred to as the "cosmic egg". According to the theory, this singularity exploded approximately 13.7 billion years ago releasing all of its energy, which expanded to occupy a large percentage of what we know today as the universe. The initial expansion of the universe occurred very rapidly, within a trillion-trillionth of a second after the Big Bang. As the energy from this slowing explosive wave of energy cooled, it coalesced forming all of the matter, in the known universe.

Therefore, all matter in the known universe shares a common ancestor. Since human beings are made up of matter that formed from a single entangled source, are we not all then a part of something larger? If so then another quantum theory explains the particulars regarding the interconnectedness of humanity on a subatomic level.

Quantum entanglement theory states that entangled sets of particles exhibit the same instantaneous reactions to stimulus exerted on one particle across the entire set of entangled particles. Moreover, it does not matter how far the distance is between entangled particles. Because, they react simultaneously whether separated by an angstrom or by the width of the entire universe entangled particles respond instantaneously to external stimulus.

You could for example have a pair of entangled electrons separated across the entire known universe and exert a force on one that would instantaneously produce the same effect on the other. If this is the case then the space that we perceive between objects is just a construct of our human minds as everything in the entire universe would be interconnected through quantum entanglement, the space in between us just an illusion.

Therefore, if on the quantum level we all connect then why would psychic abilities like ESP not be plausible scientifically? Computers programmatically communicate with each other based on concepts fundamental to quantum entanglement. In fact, some of our best encryption methodologies came into existence because of it. The BB84 (created in 1984 by Bennett and Brassard) and the E91 protocol (created by Eckert in 1991) both use quantum entanglement as a basis for their security algorithm.

Maybe ESP might follow a similar lock and key mechanism. Why do we doubt the possibility? We already know certain areas of the temporal lobe when stimulated with alternating magnetic fields produce activity that causes what some refer to as “epiphany”. We may all hold a psychic lock and key encryption protocol in our minds. We may possess a communications protocol of the highest order. Just requiring the right message or sequence off messages to send or receive through quantum channels.

Whether you subscribe to psychic ability or not one thing is certain. On some level we are all connected. The fact is whether we like it or not we share a common quantum ancestor that predates biological existence on this planet. In fact, we share a common quantum womb "the cosmic egg" which truly makes us all brothers and sisters, in the universe. The deep connection that all matter shares not only unifies humanity on a subatomic level, but also ties us into the much larger cosmic matrix of matter that composes the known universe. In essence, all matter in the universe despite the illusion of spacial difference has been, is now, and always will be one; an infinite set in unity.