Your Planetary Spread
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Your Self Overall

King of Pentacles

A leader in industry and finance. The owner of large properties. Reliable, skilled and successful.

Matters Concerning Your Home (The Moon Card)

The World

This card represents the success in all its forms, liberation from want and a celestial consciousness.

Matters Concerning Business, Skills and Integrity (The Card of Mercury)

Two of Swords Reversed

Changes in direction are possible, but they may not always be in the right. Release from old bonds. Compassion for the troubled.

Matters Concerning Love (The Card of Venus)

King of Swords

The ability to govern and give good advice. A powerful enemy and staunch friend. Strong, authorative and able to lead.

Matters Concerning Hostility, Opposition and Aggression (The Card of Mars)

The Tower Reversed

The attainment of physical and spiritual freedom at great cost.

Matters of Finance, Acquisition and Wealth (The Card of Jupiter)


You possess the courage to overcome the physical temptations that seek to usurp your self-control.

Matters of the Intellect (The Card of Saturn)

Knight of Cups

Grace mixed with laziness. Preoccupation with sensual fantasies. Look for a message, opportunity or invitation.

The Outcome

The Chariot

Use your intellect to guide you down the correct path instead of taking action based solely on emotion. Do not rely on your physical attributes to guide you along the way. Instead utilize your mental "reigns" to negotiate the emotion-filled terrain. Moreover, maintaining a balance between ego, super ego, and, id is essential for you to reach your goals.